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Our chefs  are pleased to create a delicious menu for you on a regularly changing basis. They personally discuss our food choices with our local suppliers to find out what is especially good at the moment. They care that what you eat has a great provenance as well as tasting great. The Lyon style is fresh, simple, tasty, not too fussy, just honest good food chosen well, through local suppliers who excel in their sphere, prepared well and cooked well.   We use steam to cook many of our dishes, as well as grilling and griddling to keep the flavour and moisture in and the fats down.  No prepacked, pre-prepared or bought-in microwave dinners here! our chefs are meticulous and passionate – you can trust us to deliver the best we possibly can for you!

“SAMPLE” Lunch & Evening Menu’s to guide you:

(Changes regularly in tune with the seasons and intrigue…)


Restaurant evening menu

Bar Menu

Autumn lunch menu

Sample Sunday Menu

Sample Sunday Bar

lyon cub menu Autum 19

Christmas Menu 19

Christmas pre-order form and deposit 19

We regularly cater for parties, small or large.  We have party menu’s available for tables of 6-40.  We also have buffet menu’s available for special occassions outside of our usual restaurant hours in the evening or available at lunchtimes.  Partiuclary well used for Funerals, Christenings and special birthdays or anniversaries.   Please contact us regarding these events and we will happily chat through how we can help.