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Our Menu

Valentines Sharing Menu

Forest meat platter or baked camembert with sourdough   £12

60 day aged 10oz Longhorn fillet steak sharer, tomatoes, mushrooms, tripple cooked chips, walnut and apple salad   £50

Gloucester old spot pork loin joint, pomme anna, creamed cabbage and bacon, tenderstem brocoli and almonds, sauce  £40

Sharing dessert plate   £12

Sharing cheese board  £18

Our regular menu is also available

Our head chef Dan Merriman is pleased to create a delicious menu for you on a regularly changing basis. He personally discusses our food choices with our local suppliers to find out what is especially good at the moment. He cares that what you eat has a great provenance as well as tasting great. The Lyon style is fresh, simple, tasty, not too fussy, just honest good food chosen well, through local suppliers who excel in their sphere, prepared well and cooked well. We do not use unhealthy ingredients.  We use steam to cook many of our dishes, as well as grilling and griddling to keep the flavour and moisture in and the fats down.  Dan is meticulous and passionate – you can’t keep a good man down-he just keeps getting better!

“SAMPLE” Lunch & Evening Menu’s to guide you:

(Changes regularly in tune with the seasons and intrigue…)

Evening Menu Jan Feb 2019

Lunch and set Menu jan feb 19

Sunday Menu 19

Lyon Cub menu